3 photos from Left to Right:
Deaf-Blind consumer is happy with the digital LCD handheld magnifier. IMPACT CIL Executive Director Cathy Contarino at an outdoor outreach with the IMPACT CIL booth. Angela Botz of IMPACT CIL was one of the speakers for the INCIL Advocacy and Rally Day at the Capitol.

IMPACT CIL is continuing to serve our community and individuals with disabilities. IMPACT CIL Staff are in the office Mondays-Thursdays with a remote work day on Friday. Individuals are seen by appointment only and safety measures of wearing masks and temperature checks continue to be practiced. If you have a question or wish to schedule an appointment, please call us at 618-462-1411. We are here to serve you. Check out IMPACT CIL Facebook page and be sure to like our page and follow us on Facebook to see updated posts and photos of all matters regarding IMPACT CIL and the community!


IMPACT Center for Independent Living is one of the 22 Centers for Independent Living (CILs) in Illinois. IMPACT exist to help people with disabilities achieve maximum independence in work, school, housing ad every part of life and participate fully and equally in their communities.