IMPACT CIL Anti-Racism Statement:

IMPACT Center for Independent Living (IMPACT CIL) joins The Illinois Network of Centers for Independent Living (INCIL) in condemning the senseless killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis Minnesota and other African-Americans around the Country. This and other senseless killings by police are outrageous and do not meet the police Motto of “Serve and Protect,” that is supposed to guide their behavior. Police are supposed to serve and protect all members within the community including African-Americans. As we have seen over the years, this motto does not always apply to African-Americans.

Although IMPACT supports law enforcement generally, it strongly condemns and opposes the use of harsh, unjust, excessive, and unnecessary force by police everywhere. It opposes racism wherever it exists and calls on everyone to do the same. We urge everyone to speak out against this evil and do whatever they can to eliminate it. Racism is no longer acceptable in American society today. IMPACT CIL supports each individual’s constitutional right to peacefully demonstrate and protest this unacceptable behavior in our Nation. “Black lives do matter.”

In Solidarity, IMPACT CIL